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Under the basis of the traditional industrial consolidation advantages, shandong luxi focus on anti-infection, cardio-cerebrovascular, central nervous system, contrast agent and other drugs, increasesing the investment in research and development, including more than 50 new products, and achieved numbers of authorized patents. The value of "quality first, scientific development" of Luxi Pharmaceutical has been thoroughly implemented by all employees and the whole process. The company attaches great importance to quality investment and has established a quality control system for the whole process from raw materials into the factory, production links to product release. At present, all the pharmaceutical products and raw material workshops have passed the national new GMP inspection. Polymyxin B Sulphate has passed the FDA inspection and the EU export certificate. During the provincial pharmaceutical enterprise inspection ability evaluation held in Shandong Province,shandong luxi passed successfully, and got the provincial, municipal quality management advanced unit title. In order to meet the development of the company and market demand, and conform to the development situation of the national pharmaceutical industry, shandong luxi moved the site to the industrial park project in the Juancheng County chemical development zone in 2020,in order to build a domestic demand and export platform for intermediates and API. This project was rated as "major implementation project of Shannian Province". Will be the floor of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular drugs, anti-insomnia drugs, film selection agent and other products with great technical advantages. Over the years, the company highlights the strengthen of quality, science and technology and responsibility, with a full range of means to create professional characteristics, For the realization of the company to develop into a national large-scale pharmaceutical enterprises.which set a good foundation of it.
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