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High-paid positions in medicine and medicine attract

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Recently, at the "Beijing Yizhuang first Biopharmaceutical Fair", nearly 40 famous biomedical enterprises offered more than 600 high-paying positions, attracting more than 1400 people to compete for jobs.


The job fairs in the medical world are taking a "high-end" route.Whether it is large pharmaceutical companies such as Ted Pharmaceutical, Baitai Bio, or small and medium-sized enterprises that are mainly R & D based in the Biomedicine Park of the Development Zone, the job salary treatment provided is very attractive. Some common jobs in technical support and sales are very attractive.An annual salary of 100000 yuan to 200000 yuan.


In addition to good pay, recruitment involves a wide range of professionals, including R & D, production, sales, human resources, finance, law and other areas.There are high-end positions such as assistant chairman, chief financial officer, quality control analyst, analytical experimenter, and new positions such as blogger.


Experience has become the "hard target" when applying for a job.Since most of the positions are high-paying positions, companies have put forward some specific requirements for work experience.


Taking the senior financial manager recruited by Tongrentang Health Pharmaceutical Industry as an example, the applicant should have "10 years or more financial accounting experience; familiar with the operation process of large productive enterprises and wholesale and retail enterprises, five years or more of management experience"."depending on the season, we also take different ways to help companies recruit talent."Deputy Director Ren Mingchen, personnel, Labor and Social Security Bureau, Beijing Economic Development Zone, for example, said that in the first half of the year, there were more social personnel among job seekers, so they mainly launched job fairs with similar requirements for work experience.In the second half of the year, university students will graduate, government departments will communicate with colleges and universities, organize enterprises to enter colleges and universities, and direct recruitment of talents on campus.


At present, the development of the development zone is rapid, and the industrial development mainly depends on the four pillar industries: bioengineering and pharmaceutical industry, automobile manufacturing industry, equipment manufacturing industry and electronic information industry.Among them, biopharmaceutical industry, manufacturing industry and urban modern service industry all belong to employing large household.From the point of view of specific posts, it is a funnel type with high and low end talent demand soaring: on the one hand, there is more demand for high-end positions such as R & D talents with professional knowledge and industry experience, managers, etc.; on the other hand,Manufacturing and other industries need a large number of frontline skilled workers.


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