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Drinking Eucommia ulmoides tea to reduce fat

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TCM believes that deficiency of fat is due to body deficiency, metabolic capacity is weak, the body garbage can not be removed in time, so accumulated in the body, the formation of obesity over time.

This kind of fat is mostly related to deficiency of qi and yang.Due to lack of vitality, the body often can not resist the invasion of external diseases, so it is easy to get sick.


At ordinary times, the whole person is always tired, depressed, short breath, easy to sweat, chest tightness, indigestion, and so on.


If we want to improve the physical constitution of deficiency and fat, we can adjust and improve it from the aspects of daily life, such as eating, drinking and living, and at the same time, we can also assist some medicine and tea to lose weight.However, fat people can not drink diet tea, such as appetite-suppressive tea is not suitable.Because the body is weak, if suppresses appetite, will bring a series of bad chain reaction.


What kind of weight loss tea is more suitable for asthenia and fat people?

Duzhong, president of China Health Care Association, recommends Eucommia tea.It can effectively solve the problem of weight loss.The Chinese medicine Eucommia ulmoides ulmoides is made from the dried bark of Eucommia ulmoides.Eucommia tea contains no theophylline, decaffeine, rich protein, amino acid, easy to absorb, regulating blood lipids, lowering blood pressure, tonifying kidney and protecting liver, defecating and diuresis, enhancing immunity and so on.Modern studies have shown that taking Eucommia ulmoides for more than a month can significantly reduce the content of neutral fat in the body's skin and around the viscera, accelerate the synthesis of other proteins, consume energy in the body, and thus reduce the amount of neutral fat stored in the body.The average weight loss is 1.5 kg.


The brewing method of Eucommia ulmoides tea is very simple: take 5g Eucommia ulmoides, brew with 500 ml or 85 ℃ boiling water, add cover and froze for 5 minutes.Drink every meal half an hour later, stick to drinking 1000 ml / day or 1500 ml / day, long-term persistence will be effective.


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