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Free medical examination in Tibet for seven years and three million people

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According to the Health and Family Planning Commission of the Tibet Autonomous region, Tibet is currently conducting free medical examinations for urban and rural residents and monks and nuns, the seventh consecutive year in Tibet. In 2017, the free physical examination in Tibet benefited about 3 million people.It is understood that since the introduction of free physical examination in Tibet in 2012, the standard of medical examination has been raised from 50 yuan per capita to 100 yuan per capita, and it is assumed by the autonomous region, prefecture (city) and county (district) finance uniformly.


Medical staff enter villages, communities, temples, provide medical, surgical, ophthalmology, otolaryngology, stomatology, gynaecology, blood, B-ultrasound and other items, each of the medical staff has established a health file.In addition to routine items, free medical examinations are also carried out for the characteristics of high primary diseases and special examinations for children under the age of .6 years of age. Special screening is carried out for children under the age of 6 years with or without congenital heart disease and for the elderly over 60 years of age for chronic diseases and cataracts at high altitude.


High incidence of parasitic diseases, echinococcosis in Tibet has also been included in routine physical examination, confirmed patients can receive free surgical treatment in designated hospitals.In recent years, Tibet has adopted various measures to promote the sinking of quality medical resources and promote universal health coverage.


In addition to receiving assistance from outside the region, the autonomous region also organizes regional urban hospitals to support township health centers in remote and poverty-stricken areas at high altitudes, such as Ali and Naqu. All third-level hospitals in the whole region are involved in the construction of medical consortia, which has formed an autonomous region.2109 kinds of diseases were diagnosed and treated at different levels in prefecture and city, and the pilot project of contract service for family doctors was extended to Lhasa, Xigaze, Shannan and Lin Zhi, with 1.07 million sign-ups, and the signing rate of key people reached 65.


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